The World of Sword and Dragon

Story Synopsis

「Now is the official opening of 『The World of Swords and Dragon』 」

24 December at 10pm. The peaceful Christmas Eve , the beautiful girl, Ari, calling herself 『Demonic Dragon Princess』 declared war on the entire world. Her declaration was eventually known as the 『Demonic Dragon Declaration』, which completely change the life of Kagari who see peace as a matter of fact. The city 『Mikage Development City』 which Kagari lives in, is invaded by the 『Six Imperial Demonic Dragons』.

To defeat the demonic dragons, the lovely girls known as 『Sacred Swords』 are also gathered. To protect the the city and his peaceful life, Kagari and the 『Sacred Swords』joins arms and battle with the 『Demonic Dragons』——! The exciting, high tension battle is about to begin!

Releases: Teaser

Volume 1
Chapter 1 (1/4)

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