Magicraft Meister

Story Synopsis

After being summoned to a bountiful place, but yet there is nothing to eat!? In this world, there is only 1 Magicraft Meister. And the one being selected as the successor is the main character Nidou Jin. But the research lab that he was summoned in, though it has a lot of materials, there is absolutely no food. Even though he can repair the Automata that has spent 1000 years searching for the successor, Jin cannot fill his stomach. Before long, Jin tried to use the Warp Gate to leave, but due to the malfunction of the Warp Gate, he is sent to an unfamiliar place, a place called Kaina Village. Jin, while he is temporarily staying there, continuously invents a few things. On the other hand, the awakened Automata to its initiative to enter the Warp Gate, and began its search for its master. Under what situation will Jin and the Automata meet again? The journey begins!

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Releases: Teasers

Volume 1(LN)
Prologue 01
Prologue 02
Prologue 03

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