Saturday, 9 April 2016

Next Life LN Review

Author: Jin Aino
Illustrator: Ukai Saki

A usual VR MMORPG story is what I wanted to say but the author mixed the element of reincarnation into it. The MC is a guy who died and reincarnated into his character that he played in his VR MMORPG. For those who do not know what is VR MMORPG, it is basically a Virtual Reality game. Well when he reincarnated, he was already the same character, so there is no growing up chapter or sorts. So basically he is now powerful due to his game character. It is sort of weird to have died and just appeared in another weird as a game character. This gap is probably a weakness of this story. Well miracles of stories~ Anyway as the story continues and he meets a girl (lol). A typical meeting but what happened next is also typical. Monsters! An Orc and Kobold. And MC defeats them. Sounds really typical but here is when the twist happened. These "monsters" are actually the girl's friends! This is well-played by the author, deviating from the "usual save the heroine and heroine falls in love" route. I really like surprises like these. Afterall it makes everything more interesting to read. The first companion of the MC is a girl (including her monster friends).

Looking into the development of the character of the MC, the author does seem to have neglected it slightly. The MC is just like a normal person which no redeeming features that attracts one to it. Unlike Rudd from Mushoku Tensei and Shera from Shinigami wo Tabeta, you will not see any major development to the MC or any unique background, well at least up to the parts I have read until. This LN focuses mainly on the adventures of the MC while showing how strong he is, as an overpowered character. So if you like the MC defeating everything, this is the time of story for you.

Well I have tried to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible. Do take a look at this series. I will rate this story a 7/10. Interesting read for those who loves the "adventures in another world" stories.

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