Saturday, 9 April 2016

Crocro Clock LN Review

Author: Hitoma Iruma
Illustrator: Kurehito Misaki

This LN is a mystery LN about 6 people and 6 gun. And yes the prologue is also such a mysterious prologue. With no idea of what exactly is going on, it has this weird attraction of making you continue reading. The prologue is about these 2 guys, one who is an intruder who, for some weird unknown reason, remained in the other guy's house even after he was discovered by the other guy who is the owner of the house. The funny thing is this owner, appeared from the ground with a shovel. He was, again for some weird unknown reason, digging holes in his garden. Of course a fight ensures, but not without the owner smashing his house apart first. Well the prologue is one that does not makes any sense but yet for some reason drags one into continuing it. Maybe this is the true mystery of the story. Since they do not even appear again.

So how these 6 people get their guns? Well there is a underground vendor selling them. Ironically all of them got it on the same day from this guy.The funny thing is that this guy accidentally sold his fake gun along with the real guns. So out of the 6 person, one of them is holding a toy gun thinking it is a real gun. To prevent spoiling too much, there seems to be grudges between the other characters introduced later. A hired hitman, an elementary school kid, a Neet?, a private investigator, a pottery maker and a high school student. How do they all fit in this mystery novel? Is it the missing gun or the grudge? But rest assured, the guns in this novel do kill.

The author uses the changing of perspective to switch the story about from different characters' views and it is interesting to see how they slowly link with each other. So I rate this novel a 6/10 simply because it is kind of messy in my view. It is good for a short fun read but it does not make you want to continue the next book.

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